Portawalls, also known as, "white wall inserts", slap-ons, Mickies, fake white walls, etc.., are currently available in a variety of wheel sizes and widths. Portawalls were originally designed to work on bias ply tires some 50 years ago, not today's radials. Bias tires have a flat rigid sidewall, and a much higher profile (aspect ratio) than radial tires.

The lower the profile of a radial, the less likely you will be pleased with the results. Larger radials with a 75 profile work well, but we do not recommend trying them on many of today's popular 65 profiles and smaller. For radials, we suggest the narrower widths, so they won't extend beyond the radius of the sidewall. A set consists of (4) pieces. For best results, follow all steps of included instructions.

Below is a link to an installation video or copy and paste to your browser.