Alfa Romeo Spider Tires

Alfa Romeo Duetto tires

The beautiful Alfa Duetto Spider when it was first produced had the same size tire as the Giulietta and fitted 155HR15 Pirelli Cinturato CA67 tires that are still made by Pirelli. Today they would still be the perfect tire for these early Duetto Spiders, not just because they look so good, but they also give excellent handling characteristics.

The later Duetto Spider did change to 14" wheels and where they fitted 165HR14 Cinturato CA67 again this is still a perfect tire for the car for appearances and excellent handling.

Classic Alfa Romeo Spider Tires

The Alfa Romeo Spider fitted 165HR14 Cinturato CA67 tires. There are cheaper tires available, but the only reason to buy the cheaper tires is their price. Pirelli are one of the worlds best tire manufacturers. The Cinturato gives excellent handling as well as looking perfect, so it is the obvious choice.

It is worth mentioning that many people think a fatter more modern tire will improve the handling of classic cars like the Alfa Spider, but if this was the case Alfa themselves would have fitted them. The option was there to fit a 185/70R14 to their Spider from 1968. However because the Spider handled best fitted with a 165HR14 Cinturato CA67 that it's what Alfa Romeo chose to fit.