30x3-1/2 (23" Rim) Wards Riverside Clincher Blackwall
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30x3-1/2 Tires

Wards Riverside was a very popular tire on the Model T for 40 years and if you come across an original Model T Ford, chances are the old Tin Lizzie will still be fitted with 30x3-1/2 Wards Riverside tires.

Model T Ford Tires

Today these 30x3-1/2 Model T Ford tires are made to the highest standards and maintain the original appearance that was so familiar to Model T enthusiasts nationwide. The earliest Model T's fitted different sizes of tires with 30x3 Wards Riverside on the front and 30x3-1/2 Wards Riverside on the rear. 

So today if you want to keep your Model T looking and driving at it's best the range of 30x3-1/2 & 30x3 Wards Riverside tires will provide your old Tin Lizzie with what you need.

31.22" O.D.

3.88" Section Width

2.38" Tread Width



  • Manufacturer: Wards Riverside

30x3-1/2 (23" Rim) Wards Riverside Clincher Blackwall

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