Vredestein Tyres, headquartered in Holland, offers a complete classic range of special tire sizes. This line of tires has been developed for connoisseurs with an eye for detail, design and a real passion for quality.

14"-165HR14 Vredestein Sprint Classic 15"-155SR15 Vredestein Sprint Classic 15"-165HR15 Vredestein Sprint Classic
14"-165HR14 Vredestein Sprint Classic15"-155SR15 Vredestein Sprint Classic15"-165HR15 Vredestein Sprint Classic

Great replacement tire for the MGB, others "H" Speed Rated (130MPH)! Details/Options SKU512867L ConstructionTubeless Poly/Steel Radial Load Capacity1,168 lbs. @ 35 psi Overall Diameter24.50" Tread Width4.50

"S" Speed Rating (112 MPH) Tubes may be required. For the appropriate tubes, see the quick links below. SKU 56065L Construction: Tubeless Poly/Steel Radial Load Capacity: 1,047 lbs. @ 32 psi Overall Diameter: 24.8" Tread Width: 4.25"

"H" Speed Rating (130 MPH) Great for Austin Healy, Porsche, VW, MGA, TD, TF, many others Details/Options SKU579821L ConstructionTubeless Poly/Steel Radial Load Capacity1,124 lbs. @ 32 psi Overall Diameter25.19" Tread Width4.75"




15"-185/70HR15 Vredestein Sprint Classic 15"-185HR15 Vredestein Sprint Classic 16"-185HR16 Vredsetein Sprint Classic
15"-185/70HR15 Vredestein Sprint Classic15"-185HR15 Vredestein Sprint Classic16"-185HR16 Vredsetein Sprint Classic

For Triumph TR3s and others. For some applications, such as wire wheels, tubes may be required. For the appropriate tubes, see the Quick LInks below.

Great choice for that classic British sports car! "H" Speed Rating (130 MPH) Details/Options SKU579853L ConstructionTubeless Poly/Steel Load Capacity1,279 lbs. @ 36 psi Overall Diameter25.24" Tread Width5"

For classic Jaguars "H" speed rated (130 MPH) Tubes may be required. For appropriate tubes, see the Quick Links below. SKU 662902L Construction: Tubeless Poly/Steel Load Capacity: 1389@32psi Overall Diameter: 27.50" Tread Width: 5.75"