This easily recognized "old school" tread design is available in 560x15, 600x15, G78X14 and G78, H78 and L78x15's in 1" to 4" WW widths.


TUBES ARE BACK IN STOCK!!! 17", 18", 19", 20" & 21"S!!!

    15"-  560x15 Royalton 3" WW 15"-205/70VR15 Blockley Dog Bone 16"-185VR16 Pirelli Cinturato CA67
    15"- 560x15 Royalton 3" WW15"-205/70VR15 Blockley Dog Bone16"-185VR16 Pirelli Cinturato CA67


    VW people and customizers will recognize this Old School tread pattern with a new name.

    A great tire for track or street. These classic "dog bone" patterned steel belted radials were designed by a racing driver for optimum wet and dry performance. They are VR rated to 149 MPH. For certain applications, such as wire wheels, tubes...

    O.E. for all 50's and 60's Ferrari and Maseratis. Radial equivalent of the 600x16 bias ply which was fitted on XJ Jaguars and Aston Martin DB2's and 4's.The only genuine period radial tire with a "V" speed rating.(149mph/210kph). Tube type tire.




    18"-600/650x18 Lester 4" WW 20"- 600x20 LUCAS Blackwall 23"-30x3-1/2" Wards Riverside Clincher- All White
    18"-600/650x18 Lester 4" WW20"- 600x20 LUCAS Blackwall23"-30x3-1/2" Wards Riverside Clincher- All White

    Lester tires have been a dominant leader in the vintage tire market for many years and feature a pre-siped tread design for better performance. Popular replacement for 1930's American and European cars. Made In USA For the appropriate tubes, see...

    Unavailable for the last few years, this beautiful Lucas 600x20 is finally back in stock in a limited quantity. Make your classic look it's best by ordering a set today.

    Wards Riverside All White Clincher tire for your early Model T's. Popular Wards Riverside tread pattern in an all white tire.




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